What Others Have To Say...

Marion is simply stellar. A proven professional to get the job done.
— Jacqueline Touma, Marketing Executive and Founder
Marion was instrumental in enhancing the brands, particularly important within the many luxury markets. Marion’s focus has always been on how to add value to the company and grow the agents’ business. She brings an enormous amount of professionalism, energy and enthusiasm to her work. Her opinion was sought after and she was highly regarded by management, agents and partners alike.
— Gregg Wagner, Regional Vice President
Marion provided me with excellent guidance on marketing many of my higher-end properties. My client and I were very impressed with her marketing knowledge and recommendations. In addition, she educated me as to how to market myself and all of my properties through social media. She was always on top of what was coming next in digital marketing keeping us ahead of our competition.
— Frances Unrine, Award-Winning Real Estate Agent
Marion’s ethics and integrity aided by her keen sense of fairness allow her to engage with associates, clients and co-workers in a positive and productive manner.
— Claude Thompson, Owner Akamai Painting Inc.
Marion has the ability to effectively lead people while coaching and developing them along the way. She has a history of exceeding expectations and her outstanding multi-tasking abilities along with her meticulous eye for detail are reflected in the exceptional quality of her work.
— Mark Johnson, Executive Vice President
I have known and worked with Marion for years. This is a professional with great work ethic, smart, educated, knowledgeable, not afraid to explore new and creative solutions and will give you honest and straight information.
— Hamid Naderi, Senior Vice President Product Development
Marion has always been a very outgoing and on the go person. Marion strives to be the best she can be every single day. She’s very dependable and a good source to get feedback or advice on topics.
— David Chow, Project Manager
Marion’s native intelligence and professional skills qualify her as a uniquely effective business executive. She fully understands the essential marketing basics that underpin success in winning acceptance in the marketplace. Observing her methodical, common sense approach convinces me that hers is a career set for take-off.
— Michael Colopy, Founder and Senior Vice President
Marion approached every situation with the utmost professionalism. She was responsive to every need of our company and was always creative in ways to develop new business opportunities for us. Marion always seemed like she was an advocate for our company, even though she didn’t work for.
— Marcus Oden, CEO and President
Marion is a very thoughtful and driven professional and she brings many innovative ideas and concepts to the table. Her approach is straightforward and honest. It’s a pleasure to work with Marion.
— William Gould, Vice President External Relations